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Our company focuses on direct communication with the customer to ensure that they get the end product that they want. In addition, we offer competitive pricing to ensure that customers are happy with our services without breaking the bank!
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Our Services

We provide you and your business with all the tools to bring you vision to life.


We will design and build you a
high-quality website for a low price. Whether you’re promoting your business, showcasing your work, opening your store or starting a blog.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing service
provides your business with a
tools to grow your contacts
with professional emails.

Logo & Branding

A great logo is one that
identifies your brand uniquely.
We have the tools to do that.

Our Team

Welcome to Your Mission Media, here we strive to assist Authors, Artists, Companies, Ministries and anyone else who needs a high-end website for a low-end price. Our company consists of three crazy, but creative student freelancers; Sam Dovel & Gabe Hogan. and administration assistant; Xavi Griggs.

Sam Dovel

Head of Design

Hello, My name is Sam and I am a High school student in Virginia. I love to create and share ideas with the world. Through my talents and skills I like to help people and businesses accomplish their mission from a simple idea. I am fascinated with all things digital design from websites all the way to a design on a water bottle.

Gabrial Hogan

Head of Development

Who am I? Well, I am a High School Student in Virginia who is fascinated with all things tech! I am focusing on theatre Sound Engineering & Computer Science. In my free time, I research new technology. During school hours I help out with all sorts of things like Classroom Tech Problems & Advising Clubs.

Xavi Griggs

Administrative Assistant

"Skills are cheap, passion is priceless” Hey! I'm Xavi and I am currently a High School Student in New Hampshire. I am very passionate about my work and strive to be the greatest worker I can be. I enjoy being able to help bring people’s ideas to life and creating masterpieces out of them. Reach out with any questions!


Culpeper UMC

Located within the city limits, Culpeper United Methodist Church has a history dating back to 1847, which was almost 100 years after the town’s establishment. Today, CUMC belongs to the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church that coordinates the work and ministries of 1192local churches and faith communities in 16 districts.


Daniel Dovel Music

Raised in Virginia. He is a 21 year-old singer, songwriter, and producer, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Nothing gives him more joy than creating music. He writes transparent songs that talk about real life experiences and have a unique way of connecting personally with his listeners.


Make Up Your Mind

Negative thinking patterns and mindsets plague our existence as we struggle to regain peace in the battles of our own mind. Negative mindsets will dominate us unless we are equipped to deal with the triggers and learn how to access the mind of Christ and to think biblically . . .so we can make up your mind. This is the website for the app, “Make Up Your Mind”, to be released in the spring of 2020.


Kelly Weiss

Executive Director, Culpeper UMC

"If you are looking for a professionally made, innovative website that will draw viewers,
I highly recommend Your Mission Media."

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